Burnie Shines 2017!

Everything Starts With A Dream

17 years ago The Council had a dream of transforming the way this community feels about itself by building a collection of events and presenting it back to them; to entertain, engage, inspire, teach, trigger memories, to stimulate off-season business and bring us together to celebrate our interests and talents.

This year I think we may come close to achieving that dream, because Burnie Shines this October is going to be EPIC!

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Featured Artists

Exploring the idea that Everything Starts with a Dream, meet six emerging artists from North West Tasmania, who are currently following their arts dreams, studying visual arts at the School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania, Launceston.

They’ve come from very different backgrounds (and decades), and have vastly different motivations and aspirations about being there, but their paths have converged at university where they can get the qualifications, ideas and inspiration they need to help them on their journeys.

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On This Day…
Free event

On This Day…

Sunday 1 October to Friday 17 August

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