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Exploring the idea that Everything Starts with a Dream, meet six emerging artists from North West Tasmania, who are currently following their arts dreams, studying visual arts at the School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania, Launceston.

They’ve come from very different backgrounds (and decades), and have vastly different motivations and aspirations about being there, but their paths have converged at university where they can get the qualifications, ideas and inspiration they need to help them on their journeys.

This exhibition is a sample of the things they’re been thinking about, ideas they’re expressing and media they’re interested in and experimenting with. It’s a 2017 snapshot across their lives where they meet through shared passions, interests and learning as they follow their dreams.

These people have vastly different stories that start at surprising points in time. We may feel like we know them (or someone like them), that’s what makes them so inspirational; ordinary people following their passions, diving deep into the pool of possibilities and changing their destinies.

Burnie Shines Feature Artist Exhibition Opening

Burnie Shines Feature Artist Exhibition Opening

Friday 20 October

Official Opening of the Burnie Shines Feature Artist Exhibition by Dr Karen Hall, Tasmanian College of the Arts, Inveresk Site Coordinator, Course Coordinator Bachelor of Contemporary Arts with University of Tasmania.

Venue Burnie Regional Art Gallery
Time 6:00pm
Cost Free - RSVP by 16 Oct
Burnie Shines Featured Artists' Exhibition

Burnie Shines Featured Artists' Exhibition

Saturday 21 October to Sunday 5 November

Everything starts with a dream, just ask the six emerging artists from NW Tas who are currently studying fine arts and contemporary arts at UTAS, who've come together in this exhibition of recent works.

Venue Burnie Regional Art Gallery
Time Mon - Fri 10:00am - 4:30pm
Sat, Sun & Public Hols 1:30 - 4:00pm
Emma Busscher

Craig Ashton


Craig is a mature aged, full time student from Ulverstone, who is studying the last semester of a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts degree.

In 2007 Craig enrolled in an Associate Degree in Furniture Design. After graduating, he saved up and established a modest workshop. Having achieved this initial goal, he realized he wanted to learn more about design, so he returned to UTAS to further his studies, enrolling in the contemporary arts course where he has found the freedom of artistic expression.

"At Uni we're encouraged to explore all forms of media. As I am drawn more towards sculpture, the media will vary considerably. At the moment I'm largely focused on timber, composite materials and paint, but I am also interested in exploring glass and metal casting."

"My sculptural pieces in this exhibition are biomorphic forms with a sleek gloss finish. They play with the notion of sensuality and the suppression of forbidden desires. The tactile forms are created to trigger a physical desire to touch and caress.

Craig's dream is that one day his work will sustain his arts practice financially.

Emma Busscher

Emma Busscher


Emma-Kate is a second year student from Smithton who is studying a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, focusing on photo media. She believes the best thing about studying there is the freedom and open conversation about art.

Since she was able to hold a pencil and pick up a camera Emma-Kate has always loved art and been in touch with her creativity. It was this love that provided a pathway for her to follow as she packed up her life and chased her passion to Launceston where at uni she has thrived.

“I’m inspired by Tasmania’s fantastic environment and the colours we see here. The images in this exhibition were spontaneously taken on a trip to Hobart; the colours evoked strong emotions in me”.

Emma likes photographing the environment as well as nudes, to evoke emotions. To create her work she uses, photography, video or painting.

Emma’s dream is to sell her work, enabling her to travel the world, photographing its wonders, people and cultures. She hopes to work hard enough so that her photography will take her everywhere!


Peter Hewlett

Peter Hewlett artwork

Peter is a mature aged student from Port Sorrell, who recently began studying a Bachelor of General Studies with majors in Photography and Environmental Design. Now in his seventies, Peter never imagined he would end up here.

He was given a camera as a boy and got hooked. After years of learning stuff, investigating stuff and living life, Peter has now found himself at the Arts School at Inveresk where he thrives in the buzz and creative atmosphere.

Peter discovered a program that allowed him to create Digital Fractural Images. This started an investigation into this form of art, he got hooked again and it now dominates his creative practice. It also allows him to continue his interest in and discovery of contemporary abstract art.

Peter’s dream is to create a specialist macro photography and film studio. He works mainly with photography, video and digital media in his practice, he’s inspired by people who experiment with their art and take chances.

He balances the buzz of Uni with village life in Port Sorrell surrounded by beautiful beaches and abundant wildlife.


Jason Ball

Jason Ball artwork

Jason lives in Ulverstone, works in Burnie and studies in Launceston. He’s in his third year of his Bachelor of Contemporary Arts degree. He’s working towards a career change and dreams of one day working in his own arts practice.

“The travel can get hard, but I love learning about the history of art. I didn’t think I’d like the theory part of the course as much as I do.”

Jason has had an eclectic career, ad man, concreter, barman and graphic designer and now he’s working on its next evolution, a practicing artist or even art teacher.

Jason’s art dream started watching cartoons as a child and forty years later cartoons, comics and characters are still in his life. He likes Marvel and DC art, and admires painters who’ve achieved technical perfection and hyperrealism. Jason admires fine technical skills, and strives for technical perfection in his own work.

In this exhibition Jason has combined his love of painting with heavy metal music as he pays homage to his musical heroes in gouache as well as including portraiture work done in oils.


Jon Marthick

Jon Marthick artwork

Jon grew up in the rural community of Smithton and only when he went to boarding school in Launceston did he get properly introduced to the arts, when he met a couple of exceptionally talented teachers who lit his artistic spark and celebrated his eccentricities.

He is in his final semester of full time study for a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts.

“Next year I will be studying my Honours. I am aiming for First Class Honours, which would allow me to apply to study for a PhD. I am also considering studying a Masters in Arts Therapy and my ambition in this field would be to work in psychiatric clinics and eventually move into private practice.”

Jon uses a mixed media approach to his work, which starts with an abstract painting using a range of traditional and non-traditional mediums, which are then photographed. The image is then digitally manipulated and printed on aluminum.

“My art is deeply conceptual, it’s therapeutic for me and the process allows me to explore aspects of my persona. “


Scott Osborn

Scott Osborn artwork

Scott is a mature aged student from Deloraine who is currently studying a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts. He’s been painting for over twenty years and its exploration has finally led him back to University.

He always thought he was a painter, but for the past few semesters, Scott has been working on assemblages and sculptural forms incorporating elements of Tasmanian flora and fauna and highlighting Tasmanian Timber.

“I’m a native Tasmanian with family ties to Cradle Mountain and the Pieman River area. Living back here enables me to access these memories in a heightened way. I’m inspired by all that Tasmania has to offer.”

“At the core of many of my works is a seminal  piece of drift wood, I’m hoping my use of timber in this way showcases how we rely on timber for our well-being, but it should also be valued for its undisturbed beauty. “

Scott has been able to try new ideas and engage with other artists. His previous studies in Botany and Philosophy have all converged to form his artistic perspective. He hopes to one day earn a living from it; perhaps as a teacher or lecturer.